considerable. AVP will also cover damage that your child or pet might cause. however, damage caused by motor vehicles, for example, through a collision, is not covered by AVP. For this, you must take out Third Party Insurance (WA-verzekering) via a car insurer. Car insurance and driver’s licence If you have your own car, motorbike or moped while living in the Netherlands you are required to insure yourself against legal liability through Third Party Insurance (WA-verzekering). You are then insured against damage you may cause with your vehicle. Damage to your vehicle, however, is not covered. You can supplement your Third Party Insurance with All Risk Cover (cascodekking). This provides insurance for the car itself but not its contents. For more information about these types of insurance read the information on: insurance Collective car insurance via VU University Amsterdam International employees and PhD candidates of VU University Amsterdam can take out car insurance via the university’s group contract with Aon Nederland. For information and premiums, contact: Aon Nederland, PO Box 12250, 1100 AG Amsterdam, The Netherlands, tel. +31 (0) 20 430 5925., entry code (toegangscode) 00374 Obtaining a driver’s licence or exchanging your current licence If you intend to drive a car in the Netherlands, you will need to pay close attention to the rules pertaining to driver’s licences. If you plan to remain in the country for an extended period you may need to exchange your current licence for a Dutch one. Please note, this must be done before your current licence expires. driving-licence?query=driving%20license House contents insurance (Inboedelverzekering) Fire and theft can cause unforeseen damage and expense – you can insure yourself against them. In some larger cities, you will always have an excess (eigen risico) for theft. There is also a maximum insurance payout for Audiovisual equipment such TVs or DVDs. It is important to make sure you have proper cover. Your house contents must be insured at replacement value. If your cover is too low, the insurer will pay out less, even for minor damage. This will mean that the money is insufficient to replace old articles with new. insurance FINDING A LOCAL DOCTOR General practitioners in the Netherlands play an important role in the healthcare system. The general practitioner (huisarts) is the first port of call if you have health problems. Doctors have their practices in residential areas and operate on an appointment system. If necessary, the doctor will refer patients to a specialist at a hospital. In the Netherlands, people register on one general practitioner’s patient list. It is useful to choose a GP close to home as this has advantages in the case of an emergency: doctors should be able to reach you in an emergency within fifteen minutes. Many practices have both male and female doctors. You should inform them of any preferences. You can find general practitioners in your area using the website (enter your postcode in the second text box and click zoek). WhERE TO GO IN ThE CASE OF A MEDICAL EMERGENCY Emergency specialist help is offered by A & E departments (EhBO-post) in Amsterdam hospitals: hospitals-list The national alarm number in case of fire, or for police or an ambulance is 112 and should only be used in emergencies and life-threatening situations. Please call the police on 0900-8844 for assistance and advice and in the case of ‘no flashlight’. 23 Pagina 22

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