WELCOME TO VU UNIVERSITY AMSTERDAM Welcome to Amsterdam and to VU University. We are delighted that you have decided to spend an important part of your academic career at our university. We are proud of our university, with its role in providing outstanding education, excellent research facilities, its policy of active social engagement and its firm commitment to society. VU University Amsterdam is home to excellent and world-renowned academics focusing on areas where disciplines intersect which are interesting and important for both research and education. Looking further We are a university with a heart, driven by a desire to generate knowledge, with a strong orientation towards societal relevance. I hope this is one of the reasons you decided to come here. We ask and expect our students, researchers, PhD candidates and employees to look further – further than their own interests and their own fields, and further than the familiar and the here and now. I hope you will feel at home on our campus and enjoy a formative episode in your life, gaining both intellectual and cultural inspiration. Once more, welcome to VU University Amsterdam. Lex Bouter Rector Magnificus VU University Amsterdam www.vu.nl/english 3 Pagina 2

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